A Letter to the Drunk Driver

by: Omar Piedra 

Dear Drunk Driver,

             I am writing this letter to you because you have become very popular lately. I see you in the newspaper, on television and sometimes I have taken you home because you were too drunk to even find your own car. Popularity, in this case, is not really a good thing. The times that I have heard about you itís either because you got in a car accident, or that you have killed innocent bystanders.

             I know you sometimes take pride in driving drunk and not getting caught. I know this because I have received some of your mass text messages bragging about your accomplishment. I canít really say that I am happy for you, but I can say that I am happy that you didnít end someoneís life prematurely because of your irresponsibility and negligence.

             Is the current punishment for drunk driving not severe enough for you? Maybe drunk driving should be treated like other crimes by having you serve time without being able to post bail. I know you probably think I am being fucked up by saying that. To be honest with you, I really have no respect for you. I am just so fucking tired of hearing of all the people you hurt because of your stupidity!

You havenít really affected me, or anyone close to me, and I really hope you never do. If you think you donít have the brainpower or capability of making the right decision, maybe you should let someone else make it for you. I hope I donít see you in the news as much anymore. If I do, I hope you will be sitting in the back of a police car on your way to jail because you got caught. It is better for us if you are in jail, than having you drive around drunk putting everyoneís life in danger, including your own.



Omar Piedra