by Kenneth Frawley

This shall be brief, for conversations about religion are really pointless, actually. Never are they factual; never. They all mainly refer to the single text of the religion and the all-encompassing notion that one must have faith, which is evident by followers believing that said text is the word of God, despite knowing that the physical text was scribed by humans. Horrifically, though the texts are filled with appalling acts of inhumanity, plight and punishment, followers relentlessly proclaim that God is good. Thus, one might say, that belief is actually a narcotic, and its side-effect is blindness.

Therefore, for claraity, let it be stated that all religions are rubbish! In fact, one is better off believing in the Tooth Fairy. For religions are geographical, end of! Born in the States? Born in Indonesia? Born in Pakistan? One's birthplace appears to shape one's beliefs! Thus, the contention here is, that belief is wrong. For, belief asks for no actual evidence. It's pie in the sky. Acceptance is a better approach; however, there cannot be any acceptance without evidence. That is why science is the path we should all follow. Investigation leads to actual evidence. For, we are stardust, as the songs says!